Wednesday, 13 January 2010

is Africa calling?

Like so many other places are calling, I'm curious...

"Sometimes you just want to spend the whole day in bed."
With books, dvds, magazines, tea and chocolate.
It's cold outside!

When did women get to the point where, if there isn't a man in their lifes, they feel like shit?
There's more to life, if you keep focusing only in that one thing missing, chances are that you'll pass by a lot of other awesome things, to live, enjoy and experience.
And life is already so full of small complicated things, which we always complicate even more.

Find a new thing everyday.
Look at it, like it is the first time.
Give yourself time to be surprised.

★ Motivation ★

Snowing all day...

There's no Milka with almonds here, only with hazelnuts.
And my Cola Cao is almost finished, lol...

Tomorrow is time to get back to work.

Cat 2010_0113

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