Saturday, 10 July 2010

I need a break.

From London.
From my laptop.
From being alone.
From thinking & worrying so much.
I know, it always all turns out just fine.
Still I worry.

I'm going on holiday.
Get my batteries topped up.
See you.

Cat 2010_0710

Friday, 9 July 2010

Almost thereeeeeee.................

...nham, nham,...spanish tapas, Haagen Dazs...banana caramel hit...

I'm getting there, slowly...but I'm getting there...

London is full of $-£#@+*!!!!!!!

Cat 2010_0709

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Lebanese..., lebanese food, I want lebanese food!!!

It's been 5 years since the 7/7 in London, I've been watching a TV show on BBC online about it, I had no idea about this...

I feel in need for confort, only food is helping me with this, I eat because there's an empty space somewhere inside me...the human mind is full of tricks, sometimes it makes our life so complicated...trying to find a balance, I'm always trying to find "the" balance, I hope I can find it someday and keep it.

Cat 2010_0707

Cat 2010_0707

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


This is the children paradise, I was there buying gifts for my friends sweet baby Clara...I'm looking forward to meeting her, she came from 2 of my favorite people, I'm very happy for them. This baby girl is blessing.

Cat 2010_0706

Monday, 5 July 2010

The Water Gardens

2 Home visits in the same day, what a happy way to go through with the day =)

Cat 2010_0705

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Shoes, shoes, shoes. I Love SHOES!

Cat 2010_0704

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Friday, 2 July 2010

Mini Melissas =)

Cat 2010_0702

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Brusheta nham..

Cat 2010_0701