Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Enjoying the snow

I did a lot of things today... =)


Finished reading the first book of the year, after 3 days:
«"The Queen," Gray said, sounding a little breathless as he stared at Jaenelle.
Jaenelle smiled. "I was the Queen. Now..."
"She's still the Queen."
Three male voices, each sounding equally annoyed.
"I'm Daemon's wife."
"The lady honours me," Daemon purred.
Oh, the look on Gray's face. The look in his eyes as he gave Daemon, Lucivar, and the High Lord an assessing glance before focusing on Jaenelle.
"Of course you are," Gray said. The words sounded sincere. The tone said he was siding with the other males.»
"The Shadow Queen", Anne Bishop

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