Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Today on londonaphotoaday:

...little pieces of a place called HOME!!!

Cat 2009_0930

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Today -------> 2 months in London

I had the most relaxed day today...
Woke up, dreaming about travelling around, it's amazing whenever I get a dream come true, I automatically start dreaming about something else...
Went to look at books, smell them, get curious about them...and I managed to get out without buying any, which is quite an effort...
Sorted my crazy bank account things...I mean really crazy things happen to me...
Trip to Sainsbury...went home to leave the salad things...

And then I went in a discovery adventure...Friary Park, I finally walked to the park to get to know it...and it is absolutely beautiful, I took lots of photos...squirrels, birds and green everywhere, sun...I get a little bit spooked by Parks sometimes, but this one is really great!

Back home, tuna salad...and then a nap on the roof terrace, I started reading and fall was really mmmm due to the sunny day...


Cat 2009_0929

Monday, 28 September 2009

STOP giving me hope.

Cat 2009_0928

The girls WIN lunch!

Cat 2009_0927

Cabin field in the middle of the city

Cat 2009_0926

Big family...4 teenagers and 2 dogs, at Bucks

Cat 2009_0925

Creativity in every corner...

Cat 2009_0924

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sit there and look pretty!

Thank you SC!

Cat 2009_0923

Coventry ---> Berkswell

A lift on a fabulous red sport porsche...
To go visit "The Barn House"...
5 hours in go and return...
OMG...but I LOVED every minute of it...

Cat 2009_0922


I'm curious about the train station inn...

Cat 2009_0921


Yes, it is...

Cat 2009_0920

Saturday, 19 September 2009

First time Susana comes to London

After fish & chips (not so good...) at Camden Town Lock

Cat 2009_0919

Multicolored dots

Siglo rug, multicoloured by BoConcept. Absolutely happy rug.

Cat 2009_0918

Every girly girl loves high heel shoes

For your wedding xuxu =)

Cat 2009_0917

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Life is full of surprises...

I did and saw a lot of things today, I'm so glad eheheh...

Got myself a plan too: jogging, yoga/pilates, french french french...master...

Music, energy, really optimisc thoughts...more music, oh what a day...

Expectations, friends coming to visit me...

Cat 2009_0916

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Cat 2009_0915

Is this it?

One of the things, that gets most of my attention here are the ads all around, today I read a lot of even have goHarmony (isn't Harmony a condom brand in Portugal?!) one on the tube, to get couples togheter...and about artificial insemination, pay-as-you-go for EVERYTHING...ok, they are very open-minded about some things...but lets just imagine:

Mary (asks her friend): Where have you found your clinic for the insemination?
Ann: oh I got it on the tube, the other day while I was going to work.


Cat 2009_0914

Soon days will get shorter, cold is coming...I'm afraid, too many grey days will make me grumpy...

Cat 2009_0913


I got some time alone in the tube...

Cat 2009_0912

Friday, 11 September 2009

"Charmed" by Nora Roberts

This is the third book of Nora Roberts "Donovan Stories"...I've read 36 pages, and I already love it...I've read a lot of stories from her, and I'm always surprised...

"As she moved her hands over her cousin's heavy belly and linked with her, Ana felt the weight within her and, for one incredible moment, the lives that pulsed inside the womb. The draining fatigue, yes, and the nagging discomfort, but she also felt the quiet satisfaction, the burgeoning excitement, and the simple wonder of carrying those lives. Her body ached,her heart swelled. Her lips curved.
Then she was those lives - first one, then the other. Swimming dreamlessly in that warm, dark womb, nourished by the mother, held safe and fast until the moment when the outside would be faced. Two healthy hearts beating steady and close, beneath a mother's heart. Tiny fingers flexing, a lazy kick. The rippling of life." Page 30

This is for you, be brave!

Another thing to think about's been 8 years, since the 11th of September.

For me, today it's 3 years I started working at BoConcept in Lisbon...without ever imagine that 3 years later I would be living in London, living... another one of my dreams.

Cat 2009_0911


Cat 2009_0910

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


PARTY at BoConcept TCR!!!

Cat 2009_0909

Autumn is coming...

Cat 2009_0908

Together for LONDON

You can find this ad on buses all around's a sweet way of putting a sometimes, hard matter.

Cat 2009_0907

Because it reminds me of when I was a teen...

The ad is so funny lol... =)

Cat 2009_0906

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Do you notice something missing?

They don't use "estores", binds in english...that's why I wake up every single day at 6am...

Cat 2009_0905

Mind the gap...

So many things today...2nd home visit at a beautiful, but small flat in Camden...then another trip to Surrey (to an absolutely fabulous house!!! Big project...lots of work wooooo hoooo)...where I found todays photo, made me think...

Then full moon on the train back to London, deep thoughts...about life, love...a place, somewhere only I

Cat 2009_0904

Thursday, 3 September 2009

First this then that...step by step...

First home visit in London. This is one of the reasons I like doing this job...
there always something beautiful around the corner...

It's a month I started at BoConcept TCR...and I wonder where is this taking me?

You'll never know...

Cat 2009_0903

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Yeah...that's right...

I specially like the one where Woody Allen says "Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for it, sex raises some pretty good question." =P

Cat 2009_0902

Famous Oyster Card

Just one thing to say...3 times more expensive compared to Madrid.

Cat 2009_0901

In London...

you shoul have Vitamin C everyday!

Cat 2009_0831