Sunday, 20 December 2009

5 stages of grief

1. denial

2. anger

3. bargaining

4. depression

5. acceptance

According to the 1st episode of Greys Anatomy 6th season these are the 5 stages of grief.
I've been there, I also saw a lot of family people or friends there...because of death, because of lost love or frustrated relationships.
When you get to it because you get to finally live with or without it?!
In the end it resumes to, I think, three things: hope, faith & love.

This picture was taken this morning, while I was going to work, my hands were freezing...I can't wait for Spring to come, I'm guessing it has to be amazing here...don't take me wrong this all white snow thing is beautiful, the sound of the snow melting and falling from plants is very amusing, but I'm not one to live in such a cold weather.
The good thing is that, as many things in life, the weather works in circles...up and down, out and about.

Cat 2009_1220

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