Saturday, 31 October 2009

Beautiful ad about Egypt

I took this photo...when I was coming back home today. I had seen this ad the last few days, and found it really sensitive and beautiful...makes me wanna go there!

I had so many diferent things in my head today, most of them about hope...I haven't been hopeful for a while, about so many things...I guess I'm coming back to my old optimisc self...

Thank you for listening Naj and I'm here for you in case you need me to...we just need to avoid chocolate and shopping a little bit...eheheheh...

Halloween evening, full moon, fireworks...HAPPY B'DAY DENI!

I've never felt so well alone, it gets even scary...and I know I need to get over this "Donkey" situation and put myself out there...I'm worth way better than this!

Reached my 45k... =)

"lá de longe, donde toda a beleza do mundo se esconde..."

Cat 2009_1031

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