Friday, 11 September 2009

"Charmed" by Nora Roberts

This is the third book of Nora Roberts "Donovan Stories"...I've read 36 pages, and I already love it...I've read a lot of stories from her, and I'm always surprised...

"As she moved her hands over her cousin's heavy belly and linked with her, Ana felt the weight within her and, for one incredible moment, the lives that pulsed inside the womb. The draining fatigue, yes, and the nagging discomfort, but she also felt the quiet satisfaction, the burgeoning excitement, and the simple wonder of carrying those lives. Her body ached,her heart swelled. Her lips curved.
Then she was those lives - first one, then the other. Swimming dreamlessly in that warm, dark womb, nourished by the mother, held safe and fast until the moment when the outside would be faced. Two healthy hearts beating steady and close, beneath a mother's heart. Tiny fingers flexing, a lazy kick. The rippling of life." Page 30

This is for you, be brave!

Another thing to think about's been 8 years, since the 11th of September.

For me, today it's 3 years I started working at BoConcept in Lisbon...without ever imagine that 3 years later I would be living in London, living... another one of my dreams.

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