Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hey, I'm back.

A picture from my country:

Olhalvo, Alenquer, Portugal.

A picture from the country next to mine:

Formentera. Playa de Illetas, Parque Natural.
On my trip to Ibiza, La isla blanca, España.

It's been 20 days, since my last post.
A lot has been going on...
I'm leaving London on the 31st of August.
Seems like Madrid is calling me, again.
I don't know exactly what to write, only that I'm very happy to go.
And proud of myself.
My mother, sometimes says about me: "She needs to be challenged." so it seems.
You know mums, they are always right.
It's time to slowly start saying goodbye to London and start packing
(for which there are lots of lists and a plan :o)

For future notice:
- stop being so nice...?!
- relax a bit more.
- stop worrying so much.
- leave other peoples problems to themselves.
- focus.
- ...

Cat 2010_0801

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