Friday, 9 April 2010

Planning crazy things.

There's light and shadows inside of every single one of us.
Nobody is perfect, there's no point in wasting time being jealous of others.
This city is big, full of people and still...a lonely place.

Sending vibes, screaming to those who like to make others feel small:
You make jokes about other people, because you know that'll disturbe them, because you're a sad frustrated person, who needs and likes to see other people upset.

Don't want to be in that situation where you might make the wrong decision, might not be able to stand against it. At least, I'm not afraid of risking that! If I get it wrong the first time, I learn with it and make sure to have it right next time.

Some days you just feel like screaming out loud against all the idiots in the world.

Cat 2010_0409

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