Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Today around the corner...

..instead of a handsome prince, I saw saw this fabulous...and went like "WOW!"...exactly as it should be, nothing to ad.

I'm sorry, about being so late to update my blog...I take pictures everyday, but been so tired lately, I've been falling asleep around 10pm (which isn't very normal on my case), I start watching a dvd and zzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzzZzzzzz...

Today I read this article about Argentina that left me really shocked, they offer boob jobs at teenagers on their 15th birthday's the second country in the world with highest rates of anorexia and bulimia, because "Being fat is the worst thing that can happen in Argentina"'s one after the other, then I got pissed because men there can be fat, look old, wear whatever they want, it doesn't long as they have a model beside them they're fine ahhhhhhhh..."The more beautiful and slim you are, the more likely you are to be successful" and also to get sick, die of some weird infection on the 5th liposuction you had all because you don't have time for gym...OMG! They start teaching 3 year old girls how to do their make up as if training them to war and doctors have seen same age children vomiting and refusing to eat, because they're afraid to get Marie Claire (UK) March 2010 did we got here?! Arrrghh........

I did a lot of things today, besides being mad about all these crazy things...that are normal there.

My abs hurt, pilates yesterday and yoga on monday...I have parts of my body hurting, and I wasn't even aware they existed but I'll get used to it!

Happy B'day Dad =)

Cat 2010_0310

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  1. é mesmo fantástico e sim, é definitivamente a tua cara! Estaremos cá sempre ao teu lado para ver!! =)