Monday, 9 November 2009


We struggle everyday.
We fight to fullfil our dreams, to be happy.
We also complain about all the simple day-to-day things...
We get stressed, we get rude, we go crazy...
Time does go by, to me...faster than ever right now.

Then, I get home after another day complaining about silly things...and I find this letter...

There is no time to lose with silly things.

I will turn 27 years old in a month from today...what happened?!

There is a film called "The Notebook" I would like recomend.

Cat 2009_1109


  1. bem fiquei emocionada..realmente perdemos muito tempo com coisas estúpidas e basta uma coisa assim tão simples para nos abrir os olhos. Obrigada Cat, fizeste-me bem hoje. :)

  2. Qual das minhas Filipas és tu? Lol...Oliveira?!